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The Theory Test and Practical Driving Test must be booked with the DVSA, the government department that administers these tests.

An internet search will reveal many websites where you can book your theory test and driving test, however they are merely ‘middle men’ who will take your money and then book your test with the DVSA on your behalf – often at extra cost!

Furthermore, there are some ‘scam’ websites which take your money but make no booking. So the best, safest and cheapest way to book these tests is directly with the DVSA via the official website. You can do this by going to yourself, or by clicking the appropriate link below.
Booking your theory test and driving test:
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Other useful links:
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Share licence info
Sharing your driving licence information:
When you start driving lessons, your instructor will first need to check your entitlement to drive by not only checking your photocard licence, but also checking your licence details online. You will need to supply a code to allow your instructor to do this. Click on the 'Share licence info' link on the right for instructions.
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Get Theory Test No.
Lost your Theory Test pass certificate number?
You will need this when you book your driving test, and may need to show it when going for your test! If you have lost it, click on the link on the right to find it.